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With Halloween almost here, I figured there was no better time to update the gallery with a whole ton of photos from Rebecca’s role in The Awakening. Although the film itself is very inconsistent, it’s an enjoyable watch and Rebecca gives one of her best performances to date. If you haven’t seen the it yet, the screen captures in particular may contain spoilers.

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Rebecca is featured on the November edition of French fashion magazine L’Officiel, and her cover can now be found in the gallery. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more from the editorial in coming weeks.

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Rebecca is looking gorgeous in this new photoshoot for The Sunday Times Style magazine. I have added two photos from the shoot, which can be viewed in full by clicking the image below. In addition, the full interview can be read below–it’s a really great read.

Rebecca Hall is a very attractive woman, not least because of her laugh. A big, fat, velvety laugh, where she throws her head back and bares her big white teeth — one she is employing now, as she tells of a play she performed while studying for an English degree at Cambridge. “It was called The Breast of a Woman,” she explains, “and in the finale I had to take off my robe and crack a communion wafer on the inside of my thigh, walk around for a good five minutes totally naked, then have this simulated sex scene. Some idiot thought it would be really good to have a pair of rabbits in a cage on the stage, and they were so excitable, they completely upstaged me. Ha-ha-ha! I still wake up in a cold sweat that someone might have videoed that.”

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Thanks to the lovely Nicole, I have added a small clipping of Rebecca in last month’s Vanity Fair Italia – featuring a portrait of her taken at the Venice Film Festival.

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Rebecca was in attendance at today’s Mulberry show at London Fashion Week–looking lovely alongside actresses Léa Seydoux, Juno Temple, and Brit Marling.

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I’ve uploaded scans of Rebecca’s striking cover feature in the September issue of SCENE to the gallery. I will work on adding a full transcript of her interview to the press library very soon. Enjoy!

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I have uploaded some new photos of Rebecca looking incredibly stunning at the 70th Venice International Film Festival, where she attended the photocall and premiere of her upcoming film A Promise.

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CHICAGO SUN-TIMES – Rebecca Hall has advice for all the aspiring thespians out there: Going for broke actually can pay off in a big way.

“I got my first break after filming myself reading a scene on my digital camera,” she says. “Like every other girl out there, I thought I’d never hear again. A few days later, I got a call saying, ‘Can you come in and read with Christian Bale?’ ”

Hall laughs. “So, if you’re sitting in your room thinking that tape you’re making of yourself will go nowhere, change your mind and think, ‘Yes, I have to do this. I have to take a chance. Careers are made out of taking chances.’ ”

The 31-year-old went on to star with Bale in “The Prestige” and also did roles in “The Town” and “Iron Man 3.” These days, she’s a London lawyer involved in a terrorism trial opposite Eric Bana in “Closed Circuit.”

Q. You play a lawyer opposite Eric Bana on two sides of a trial. Complicating matters is they had a love affair in the past. Did you like that twist?

A. There’s an old adage that you can’t have a good love story unless the romance is thwarted in some day. These two characters have very concrete obstacles. Part of the deal with the trial is they can’t have communication. These are two people who just had an affair that wrecked his marriage. It becomes a very interesting dynamic.

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