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What a great photoshoot and interview this is! Rebecca is featured on the latest issue of TANK, the quarterly British magazine which features everything from fashion to architecture. I’ve added photos of the shoot as well as the cover of the issue to the gallery. I’ll do my best to feature further coverage as soon as possible.

TANK – Rebecca Hall is watching herself on film, running the same sequence over and over, analysing tiny details of her own expressions and gestures. “Do you think that feels forced?” she asks a colleague. This isn’t the Rebecca Hall we’ve seen before, though. It’s the opening sequence of Antonio Campos’ Christine, in which she plays the brilliant, ambitious and witty television journalist Christine Chubbuck, whose personal and professional troubles permanently overshadowed her gifts when, one day in 1974, she looked straight to camera from behind the anchor’s desk and announced to viewers that “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts, and in living colour, you are going to see another first: attempted suicide,” – and then shot herself in the head.

To kill oneself on live television seems both a radically unambiguous gesture and an irreducibly mysterious one. Rumoured to have inspired Paddy Chayefsky during the writing of Network (or at least eerily echoing its conceit), Chubbuck’s act could be read, Hall says when I meet her, as “symbolically, the primal scream” of an America suffering a national nervous breakdown. If it was an act of satire – as well as an expression of profound despair – it was one utterly lost on the media it was aimed at: Chubbuck’s boss, Robert Nelson, who so angered her with his demands for gory or sensational stories over the more serious work she preferred, reportedly showed off his press clippings about her suicide with the words, “We got the whole front page.”

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Rebecca is the cover girl of the latest issue of CRASH, a French arts and fashion magazine. Such a striking photo of her, it makes for a great cover. Many thanks to Eden for the heads up.

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Looking lovely as always, Rebecca is featured on the Spring 2014 cover of NUVO magazine.

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Rebecca is featured on this week’s cover of prestigious industry magazine, Backstage. The magazine itself is very difficult to get hold of but I will try my best to get scans of her feature.

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Rebecca is featured on the November edition of French fashion magazine L’Officiel, and her cover can now be found in the gallery. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more from the editorial in coming weeks.

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