Welcome to the Rebecca Hall Online press archives, where you’ll find online articles, interviews and magazine features of Rebecca from throughout her career. We aim to make this section as complete a resource as you’d hope to find, so if you have any articles that we may be missing, be sure to contact us so we can add it in. The archives will be updated as often as possible, allowing fans to have a reliable way of keeping track of Rebecca’s latest interviews.

Magazine and Press Articles from 2016
2016/10: Rebecca Hall Pulls the Trigger – Anthem Magazine
2016/10: Rebecca Hall on humanizing a televised suicide – A.V. Club
2016/10: Rebecca Hall and the makers of ‘Christine’ explore a real-life tragedy – Los Angeles Times
2016/10: When Rebecca Hall First Got This Script, She Hid It – New York Times
2016/10: Rebecca Hall on Playing Christine Chubbuck – Newsweek
2016/10: Rebecca Hall Explains Why ‘Christine’ Was The Most Difficult Role Of Her Life – NYLON
2016/10: Rebecca Hall on starring in Christine: ‘It’s about her life – not her death’ – The Guardian
2016/10: Rebecca Hall on the Humanity of Christine Chubbuck – W Magazine
2016/09: The Good Fight – The Edit
2016/07: ‘I was born in the wrong place and at the wrong time’ – The Guardian
2016/06: Acting and being – TANK
2016/05: Stars of Sundance: Rebecca Hall – V Magazine
2016/01: Rebecca Hall and Michael C. Hall on Their Sundance Suicide Movie Christine – Vulture

Magazine and Press Articles from 2015
2015/08: The Roles of Rebecca Hall – Interview
2015/08: Don’t Be Surprised if Rebecca Hall Seems to Suddenly Turn into an American – Vanity Fair
2015/07: Rebecca Hall On Whole Foods, Woody Allen & Why Benedict Cumberbatch is The New Potato – The New Potato

Magazine and Press Articles from 2014
2014/04: The Interview: Rebecca Hall – HUNGER
2014/02: Rebecca Hall on the Message of ‘Machinal’ – Gotham Magazine
2014/02: Muse Material – NUVO
2014/02: Rebecca Hall on acting – Crash Magazine
2014/01: Rebecca Hall’s Invisible Mechanics in Broadway’s ‘Machinal’ – Backstage
2014/01: Condemned—To Broadway – New York Observer
2014/01: What Brought Her Here – Wall Street Journal

Magazine and Press Articles from 2013
2013/11: Around the world with Rebecca Hall – Condé Nast Traveler
2013/10: Meet Rebecca Hall: You’ll Like Her – Sunday Times Style
2013/08: Rebecca Hall Talks The Real World Implications Of ‘Closed Circuit’ – The Playlist
2013/08: Finding New Thrills In The Family Business – NPR
2013/08: ‘Closed Circuit’ dynamic intrigues Rebecca Hall – Chicago Sun-Times
2013/06: Hall of Fame – ELLE Canada
2013/05: Iron Lady: Rebecca Hall – GQ
2013/04: Rebecca Hall: Fashion Isn’t Superficial – Vogue UK
2013/04: Iron Man 3: Rebecca Hall Interview – The Telegraph
2013/01: Starlet for a New Age – Wall Street Journal

Magazine and Press Articles from 2012
2012/08: Rebecca Hall is Transcontinental – Interview
2012/06: This Year’s Girl – Stylist Magazine

Magazine and Press Articles from 2011
2011/11: Rebecca Hall’s Awakening – Radio Times
2011/11: GQ&A: Rebecca Hall – GQ
2011/02: Mad about the Girl – Harpers Bazaar UK

Magazine and Press Articles from 2010
2010/10: Field Day – InStyle UK
2010/09: Rebecca Hall on Crying, Screaming, and Going Crazy – Vanity Fair
2010/09: Off and Running Around the World – New York Times
2010/08: Talk of The Town – W Magazine
2010/06: Who, me? Why everyone is talking about Rebecca Hall – Guardian Weekend
2010/04: Screen Giant – T Magazine
2010/03: Need to Meet: Rebecca Hall – Marie Claire

Magazine and Press Articles from 2009
2009/10: Foot Loose – Dazed & Confused
2009/03: Woody’s New Woman – GQ
2009/03: Rebecca Hall – Flaunt Magazine
2009/02: “I was worried everyone would hate me” – The Guardian

Magazine and Press Articles from 2008
2008/12: The actress: Rebecca Hall – The Independent
2008/12: Hall of fame: Rebecca Hall – The Telegraph
2008/10: 10 Actors to Watch – Variety
2008/08: Rebecca Hall chats about being Vicky in ‘Barcelona’ – USA Today